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Mission Generator

A plugin for X-Plane

Eighteenth Patch (v1.7.1)


This update fixes the Mission List for the latest Beta of X-Plane 12.0.8.

Seventeenth Patch (v1.7.0)


This update includes the latest SASL backend, now with native Apple Silicon support.

Additionally, it includes two minor fixes: You no longer need to set the parking brake in helicopters with skids, and the aircraft description in the debriefing window is improved in X-Plane 12.

Sixteenth Patch (v1.6.0)


The Mission Generator is now compatible with X-Plane 12!

This patch adds compatibility with the new scenery organization in X-Plane 12, where all airport data is now stored in the "global scenery" directory, and no longer in the "default scenery".

Thank you for forum member RandomUser for finding this issue and providing a workaround while I was on vacation!

Also, this update is no longer compatible with X-Plane 10.

Fifteenth Patch (v1.5.2/v1.5.3)


This patch fixes an issue where urgent missions would not award bonus points on completion.

Additionally, a very rare random number glitch could lead to multiple missions with the same internal mission ID. Accepting one of them would activate both missions. This is fixed as well.

The original release of v1.5.2 shipped with a bug that could lead to crashes on Windows with NVidia graphics. v1.5.3 fixed this issue.

Fourteenth Patch (v1.5.1)


A recent change in X-Plane's scenery database added airports without ICAO codes, and airports with multiple codes. These airports caused the Mission Generator to not display a mission list, or show an incomplete mission briefing without an [accept] button.

With the gracious help of forum user Gary Hensley, this patch fixes these issues.