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Mission Generator

A plugin for X-Plane

Twelvth Patch (v1.4.0)


This patch is a big one: BETA VR support!

The Mission Generator is now available in two versions: One compatible with XP10 and XP11, looking and behaving just as it always has. And a new, XP11-only version, that is VR compatible. The VR version is still a beta version, and not as pretty as the old version: It uses XP11's new and shiny floating windows that can be popped out of XP11's main window, and positioned on VR. The downside is, these windows currently draw a rather big and ugly border around the Mission Generator's windows. That's why it's still a beta version.

But you can now fly missions entirely in VR!

Also, this version fixes a bug that would sometimes corrupt the pilot profile with NaN experience points. This should not happen again.

Eleventh Patch (v1.3.4)


The Mission Generator's bug tracker has been very quiet in the last few months. But very occasionally, the mission list would not pop up for a small number of users, and the log would show an error message saying attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'lon1' (a nil value). But none of my computers would ever show this message, so I couldn't investigate it.

However, things changed when forum user Luke173 worked with me for several weeks to investigate the issue as it was happening on his computer. And with his help, we finally found a solution: On some installations on macOS, the last entry in the landmarks database could not be read, which lead to an error whenever a sightseeing bonus mission was generated.

Today's patch fixes this issue. Many thanks to Luke173 for his help!

Tenth Patch (v1.3.3)


This is a bugfix release, which finally fixes the "unknown airport" bug. Some users have experienced a bug where some or all mission debriefings showed no bonus points, but instead an error message saying "unknown airport". Sadly, I was never able to fix this bug as it didn't happen on my computers.

Recently however, the forum user Montag posted a detailed analysis of the problem as it happened on his computer. As it turns out, on some computers, X-Plane would not set the "wheels are on the ground" dataref correctly, which would trip up the Mission Generator when it tried to calculate landing statistics etc.. This patch now uses an altitude-above-ground check instead of the "onground" dataref, which should fix the issue.

Furthermore, this patch fixes a few incorrect speed and distance displays, which were caused by missing or wrong unit conversions.

Nineth Patch (v1.3.2)


This release fixes a crash that happened if the Mission Generator tried to access one of the 20 last entries in the airport database on Windows. Thank you very much to forum user kekke2000 for helping me track down this bug!

It also fixes a small inaccuracy in the cruise speed estimation, though this was probably unnoticeable due to the general inaccuracy of those estimates.

Eighth Patch (v1.3.1)


This is a bugfix update for an issue introduced in v1.2.0, which missed a conversion between knots and kilometers per hour in the cruise speed estimation code. I am very sorry about that.

This also applies to cruise speeds in missiongenerator_overrides.lua, which were read as knots, so if you had one of those, you should check that they still work correctly.