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Mission Generator

A plugin for X-Plane

Third Patch (v1.1.0) (fixes the Centerline Issue)


As reported before, the Mission Generator used to report incorrect centerline deviations for certain third-party sceneries, and would never show some sceneries as mission destinations.

Both of these issues were due to X-Plane not giving plugins information about runways, which meant that the Mission Generator used its own runway database that I created offline from X-Plane's apt.dat.

Of course, this database would not show any changed runway layouts or added runways from third-party sceneries, or X-Plane's own global airport updates.

As of v1.1.0, the Mission Generator intelligently reads your installed sceneries, and builds a new runway database every time you install a new scenery. The process can take a few seconds to finish, but it is only run if your scenery changes. If you think it might not have picked up on a new scenery, you can also start the rebuild manually from the menu bar.

Second Patch (v1.0.2)


That Centerline Issue


Some people are seeing an issue where the Takeoff centerline deviation and landing centerline deviation are wildly off. This is caused by add-on airports, or an updated apt.dat, which moved the runway locations.

Since X-Plane does not give plugins information about the locations of runways, the Mission Generator has its own database of runway locations, derived from X-Plane's default apt.dat. Thus, if an add-on moves the runway locations, the Mission Generator won't know about it, and will assume you landed in the wheeds.

To fix this, I will add a new menu option to rebuild the scenery database in a future update. But this is a bigger undertaking, and will take a few days.

As a nice side benefit, this will make completely new add-on airports available as mission targets as well.

First Patch


I just uploaded a quick bug fix for the most important issues in the release. This bug fix release contains:

There is still a known issue with add-on airports that change the runway layout of default airports. In this case, you might get an incorrect landing centerline deviation. I am working to fix that, but it is a major undertaking which will take a while.

If you find more bugs, please post them to the Mission Generator forum topic.



The Mission Generator for X-Plane has been released on the store! You can buy it now for $15!

Additionally, we now have a forum topic for release announcements, discussions, and bug reports, which is exciting!

Thank you very much for your support during the development of this plugin. In particular, I would like to thank the beta testers, whose comments improved many aspects of the plugin. And I would like to thank all the nice commenters on the forums. You have no idea how motivating a few positive remarks can be!